Area farm stands ready for pumpkin season

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As the weather cools down, leaves change colors and Halloween decorations are put up, area farms that sell or grow pumpkins are ready.

At Old Bishop Farm in Cheshire the pumpkin season is popular.

“We’re like a fall destination for a lot of people,” said owner John Torello. “A lot of people are starting to come more than just the fall but there’s still some folks who come for the fall and then they come again for the holiday season and then we don’t see them until next year. … They have to get their pumpkin spice and apple stuff going.” 

Torello is hopeful that this pumpkin season will be a success.

“I think that people have been cooped up and want to get back into some normalcy,” he said. 

Even though they do not grow their own pumpkins, Blue Hills Orchard in Wallingford sells them at their farm stand.

“We’re primarily apples and peaches,” said owner Eric Henry. “We’ve got our farm stand and pick your own open on the weekends. That’s when people grab pumpkins too. We do a little hayride with the pick your own and bring people out into the orchard … We’re mainly wholesale but we do the retail.” 

The stand is open Friday through Sunday and pick your own is Saturday and Sunday.

Similarly to Blue Hills, Karabin Farms in Southington does not grow their own pumpkins. They sell pumpkins grown at Dzen Farms in South Windsor. 

Joe Dzen, co-owner of Dzen Farms, encourages people to pick or buy pumpkins later in the season when it cools down. 

“That’s all pumpkins are: squash,” Dzen said. “... To keep your pumpkins looking good through to Halloween the longer you wait to get them and put them out...the better.”

Dzen said people seem to like “the weird looking pumpkin.”

“If it’s got some kind of deformity in it,” Dzen said. “Some of the varieties are actually bred to have the bumps on them or to be speckled with different colors. Really it seems with pumpkins in a lot of cases it’s the opposite of what you’d call a perfect pumpkin with no blemishes. It’s not what people want.” 

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