Cheshire pastor provides disaster relief to Haiti

CHESHIRE — The island of Haiti is in crisis.

In the past year, a devastating earthquake, Tropical Storm Grace, COVID-19, and the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise on July 7 has led to dire circumstances in the hometown of a Cheshire pastor and he is reaching out for help. 

Pastor Lubin Jean Beaucejour, of White Oak Baptist Church, has made over 20 trips back down to his hometown of Les Cayes in the past few years. 

“More-developed countries forget that, when they are struggling, places like Haiti have it even worse,” he said. “With my most recent trip, (we saw that) there isn’t even a group on the ground like the Red Cross or something like that because some of the villages are just so remote. They’re cut off from what little help they can get.”

At the beginning of September, Beaucejour and his wife were in Les Cayes to provide medical attention to victims of the Aug. 24 earthquake, which registered a 7.2 magnitude, and Tropical Storm Grace, which followed shortly after. The epicenter of the earthquake appeared to be very close to Les Cayes. The storm and earthquake are estimated to have taken over 2,000 Haitian lives, according to Beaucejour.

“Its dire down there,” he said.

On his most recent trip, Beaucejour and other members of his team helped establish medical units, built hospitals, and provided medical care.

When Beaucejour goes to Haiti, he brings a team of dedicated individuals, many from Cheshire.

“The money that Cheshire residents donate is going straight to building hospitals and providing aid to everyone who needs it,” he said.

Beaucejour’s organization, called BEM (Bethesda Evangelical Mission) Haiti, was established in 1984 with its home base in Cheshire. BEM Haiti’s goal is to provide Haitians with life skills and education, and to prevent disease and malnutrition. 

“The Cheshire community has been amazing to us,” he said. “We couldn’t thank them enough for what they have already provided, and we hope to continue the life-saving work down there.”

To donate, or for mission trip info, visit or call White Oak Baptist Church at (203) 272-6344.

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