New group plans to spread kindess in Cheshire this holiday season

New group plans to spread kindess in Cheshire this holiday season

CHESHIRE — As the new year inches closer and the air gets colder, town residents may find themselves searching for different ways to spread holiday cheer.

State Rep. Liz Linehan, D-Cheshire, has started a committee that aims to focus not on policy or government, but on human interaction.

“Every year my kids and I do random acts of kindness around the holidays,” Linehan said. “I wanted to make it bigger and invite the group to join us in a well thought out and organized manner.”

The effort started as a poll on the Cheshire Women’s Facebook group — asking whether people would be interested in doing acts of kindness around town — and quickly turned into the Cheshire Kindness Committee. The group met for the first time late last month at the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce.

The committee brainstormed ideas, including complimenting 10 strangers a day and helping the elderly get to where they need to go.

“I have been so disheartened by the lack of civility seen online,” Linehan said. “Some of it is political, some of it is not, but personal attacks are a common thread. I simply wanted to remind people that we are all human — that these are your friends and neighbors — and help restore that personal connection.

Linehan believes that performing acts of kindness around town will attract more committee members. She hopes the effort can start Dec. 1.

“This is so important to have,” wrote Samantha Squires, one of the Cheshire Women’s Group administrators. “Women are the best at coming together and this is a perfect example of that”

Those interested in getting involved with the Kindness Committee can contact Linehan directly via her email —