New restaurant opens in the Watch Factory Shoppes in Cheshire  

CHESHIRE — The town is in the midst of a small economic boom, with multiple new businesses opening or planning to open in the next few months.

One of the newest additions to the restaurant scene is 122 Elm St. Tavern, located in the Watch Factory Shoppes. Owner Wilmer Supliguicha is determined to separate himself from the rest of the eateries in town.

“I’ve done a lot of research and I know the places in town are a lot of pizzas and pasta. I am looking to do something different,” he said. “I am interested in doing brunch and have some lighter American fare too. And we definitely will have some tacos on the menu as well.”

Supliguicha has worked in the restaurant industry his entire life, getting his start as a dishwasher at a restaurant in Torrington. 

“Ever since I was a dishwasher I knew I wanted to own my own restaurant, and it’s finally happening,” he said. “I am very excited for the opportunity and it's been a long time coming.”

The location of the restaurant is perhaps familiar to some in town. It served as the home for the Watch Factory Restaurant, an Austrian cuisine eatery that was owned by Markus Patsch for several years. Patsch retired in 2019, and a new establishment, the KISS Cafe, opened at the location. However, the owners of the restaurant were forced to shut down during the pandemic.

“I put a lot into this place, so I hope people can come out and really enjoy themselves,” Supliguicha said.

The wooden paneling and booths of the restaurant’s interior were a staple of the Watch Factory Restaurant, and Supliguicha is looking to update the look even more.

“We updated the bar area and added some additional paneling to give some separation between the guests. We are also installing TVs and are really looking to bring it to a more modern feel,” he stated. 

Prior to opening the restaurant, Supliguicha had considered naming his new venture “Anthony’s” but felt that 122 Elm St. Tavern was a better fit.

“It just went better with the area and the location. I think people will appreciate it better, too,” he said. 

The new Tavern will share residency with two other new businesses — Olive & Henry Fine Foods and Reread Books & More — which have already expressed their support for Supliguicha’s restaurant. 

“Hope from Reread Books has been so kind, and the people at Olive & Henry are nice as well. It’ll be a great community to move into,” he said.


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