New multi-specialty health care center in Cheshire caters to migraine sufferers

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CHESHIRE — Hartford HealthCare enlarged its presence in town by opening a multi-specialty health center on South Main Street.

The 50,000 square-foot center, which opened in September, offers physician and laboratory services, rehabilitation and imaging. The new center, 280 S. Main St. (Route 10), is part of a plan to expand Hartford HealthCare’s presence and services in Cheshire and the surrounding towns.

Local practitioners from the Hartford HealthCare Medical Group at 28 S. Main St. will move into the new building. This allows Hartford HealthCare to expand its behavioral health care services at the 28 S. Main Street location.

A MediQuik, urgent care center at 680 S. Main Street, which is a brand of MidState Medical Center, will close and make way for the Hartford HealthCare’s -GoHealth Urgent Care at 1008 S. Main St. 

In addition to physician services, rehabilitation, state of the art imaging, and a Quest Diagnostics laboratory, the Hartford HealthCare multi-specialty center includes a new migraine headache diagnostic and treatment center.  

“This model has been extremely successful,” said Gary Havican, a Hartford HealthCare senior vice president. 

The rehabilitation area of the new center features massage, reiki, acupuncture, community events, and classes such as dance movement for patients with Parkinson’s disease. 

The second floor of the center features primary care physicians and specialty services, including a healthy aging center that offers ride services. It’s expected to be fully opened in a year. 

The center also has a general surgery practice for consultations, but no surgery is done on site. There is also a dermatology practice, neurology and neuro-surgery practices. 

Imaging is done on the lower level where Radiology Director Tom Cappas leads staff with a new digital technology that utilizes lower doses of radiation. There is also the latest in ultra-sound technology. 

The new migraine treatment center dims the lights, runs white noise and has other features aimed at providing comfort to sufferers. 

“Migraine sufferers are very sensitive,” said Dr. Abigail Chua. “Bright lights, loud sounds can trigger an attack. We are very strict. No perfumes, colognes no scents. We try to make it as peaceful as possible.”

The center also has a clinical research program that trains physicians in headaches, the use of botox and other treatments. The center will have a specialized neuro-psychologist in the future.

There is a purple bed in one of the treatment rooms that lowers the patient’s head below the heart level. The position helps restore low pressure which can alleviate migraines. 

“Many feel better in five minutes,” Chua said. 

Migraine patients tend to overmedicate on over the counter pain relievers to alleviate pain. To reduce the need for over the counter drugs the center gives patients a remote electrical neuromodulator to thwart the onset of a migraine.  

The new center expands Hartford HealthCare’s presence south, bringing it closer to Hamden, Prospect, and Waterbury. A potential partnership with Yale New Haven Hospital for a proton therapy cancer center in Wallingford and other patient services in that town is also expanding Hartford HealthCare’s reach. 

Cheshire was considered for the new health care center based on an assessment of community needs, Havican said. 

“This is a conglomeration of services the community uses,”  Havican said. “We take a look at the services our patients need the most and use the most.”
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