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Cheshire officials address issue of vaping in schools

Cheshire officials address issue of vaping in schools

CHESHIRE — Vaping has sparked a national conversation of late, with states like New York and Massachusetts already taking action to place restrictions on the sale of products.

With the rise in the number of individuals becoming sick due to vaping, Cheshire officials are looking to do something about it.

On Thursday, in front of the Cheshire Parks and Recreation building, State Sen. Mary Abrams, D-Meriden and Superintendent of Schools Jeff Solan held a press conference to address the issue of vaping and how Cheshire plans to combat it.

“Cheshire has committed incredible time and resources to educating our students, staff, and the community about the dangers of vaping ...,” said Solan. “The need to educate our students about the hazards of vaping will persist, but anything that can be done to make vaping less alluring and more difficult for children (to obtain) is something that I will always support.”

On Sept. 13 a letter was sent to Cheshire High School parents about the steps the school district has currently taken to address vaping with teens.

The high school has implemented an anti-vaping campaign in their bathrooms, using warning signs and increased monitoring. CHS has also included warnings about vaping in the health curriculum for freshmen and juniors and encourages coaches to discuss the dangers of vaping with athletes.

“We have worked closely with our community partners in the police, fire, and public health agencies toward educating the public about it (the risks and dangers of vaping),” said Solan

During next year’s legislative session, Abrams plans on discussing proposals that deal directly with banning the flavoring of vape products as well as tackling their increased accessibility.

Abrams also addressed the fact that, initially, vaping products were advertised as a way to wean oneself off of smoking tobacco, but stated that “there is no hard evidence yet of that being accurate.”

Additionally, Abrams announced that she will be holding a forum on Oct. 10 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at  Cheshire Town Hall that will focus on teen vaping and its risks.

Abrams stated that she will be holding several forums in the near future to address the issue, and urged those with questions to contact her directly at