Sustainable Cheshire promotes eco-friendly efforts

Sustainable Cheshire promotes eco-friendly efforts

CHESHIRE — Last year, a group focused on making Cheshire an eco-friendly community was created.

Called the Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire, its first mission was to register Cheshire on the sustainable cities list, which was done once approval from the Town Council was received. Now, one year in, the group is ready to continue promoting projects for residents and keep the town ecologically safe for years to come. 

“Our first major project is to get Cheshire certified, which we have been working diligently on since we were created last year,” said Coalition leader Fiona Pearson. “We have been going through town and documenting what we have already done that falls in the sustainability umbrella, such as our Pollinator Pathway and our Cheshire West Community Butterfly Garden, which have both been a great success in our community.”

The deadline for the certification submission was April 6. Pearson and her sustainability team will be notified if Cheshire makes the cut.

“It’s a lot more work than we thought it would be, but it’s absolutely worth it to make sure that Cheshire gets the recognition it deserves for being as green as it is,” Pearson said. “We also have been working on a lot of things for the town that qualify as ‘action items’ on the sustainable CT website.”

Over the summer, the team launched a townwide composting project and were able to raise approximately $3,000 to purchase 82 composters for local residents and businesses.

“The project went extremely well,” Pearson said. “We were able to get composters for the farm at Boulder Knoll, the Cheshire West Butterfly Gardens, and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. The town really rallied behind us and helped us out, which we are so grateful for. We were able to give a composter to everyone who wanted one, which was really fantastic.”

While COVID-19 has made it hard for the coalition to hold large events and fundraisers, Pearson is excited for a event the group plans to hold this month — one centered around a day that fits in perfectly with the Coalition’s mission.

“We really want Cheshire residents to just take a look at the community around them and help clean up as much as possible,” she said. “Just take a few minutes out of the day to pick up litter around your house or neighborhood, that can really do so much and make a difference.”

This year, Earth Day is on Thursday, April 22.

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