Cheshire moves ahead with temporary fix for park bathrooms 

CHESHIRE — Department of Public Works Director George Noewatne informed the Town Council earlier this month that, after putting the Quinnipiac Park bathroom project out to bid, it will likely not be completed as originally planned. 

“We received two bids on the project, but they both were in the $400,000 range and the fund that we had available was only about $250,000,” Noewatne said during the July 13 Town Council meeting. “So, we decided that we should rework the project to still try and address the issues of the lack of bathrooms, but make it more fiscally logical for us.

“What we came up with,” he continued, “was to just renovate the existing bathrooms, since they haven’t been touched since they were originally built, and add port-o-lets in the mean time.”

Back in January, Noewatne announced that the Public Building Commission had settled on a proposal to construct a 300-to 350-square-foot precast concrete bathroom facility to address residents’ growing concern about how far the bathrooms were spaced out at Quinnipiac Park, 1325 Cheshire St.   

“I know as a parent of children who use that park for soccer and stuff, it's a long walk to the bathroom,” said Town Councilor David Borowy, during the July meeting. 

“In some cases you might even need to drive to the bathroom,” added Council Chairman Rob Oris. 

In order to address the issue and stay within budget, Noewatne and the Public Building Commission decided to invest in temporary port-o-lets for the middle of the field, while still renovating the old bathroom at the end of the park. 

“We figured that, while this is obviously not the ideal way to do this, that addressing the spacing issue this way at least temporarily would be better than nothing,” Noewatne told the Council. 

While several councilors agreed that some action needed to be taken immediately to address the bathroom situation at Quinnipiac Park, Oris stated that he was in favor of Noewatne’s plan just so long as it is viewed as a placeholder for a more permanent solutions. 

“As long as this is a temporary fix, and later down the line we really address the issue and add some new bathrooms, I think this is a good compromise for now,” he said. 

The council  passed the proposal unanimously.

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