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Threatening email prompts safety response by Cheshire schools

CHESHIRE — A threatening email received by Cheshire School District officials Monday morning sent Cheshire schools into a heightened security posture.

In a message to parents, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeffrey Solan characterized the threat as “less than credible.” However, District policy is always to take such messages seriously.

Solan informed parents at around 11 a.m. that someone claiming to be from New York state had threatened violence on a New York school and others in the region.

In a press release, the Cheshire Police Department called the threat “very vague” and said the email, coming from Middletown, New York, was received “in multiple jurisdictions.” Police also stated that they were coordinating with other public safety agencies, including the New York State Police, during the investigation. Locally that means “location checks” which will continue throughout the day, or as needed.

“At this time, there is no evidence that Cheshire was targeted for any specific reason,” the release stated.

Similar to a potential threat incident that occurred last May, the schools were not in a full campus “lockdown” but rather the “secure campus mode” that allows for classes and instruction to continue normally, officials said.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Cheshire Police Department said they will provide a heightened presence at dismissal times today.


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