Cheshire restaurant changes include better access, new bar, extended patio, 14-foot chandelier

Cheshire restaurant changes include better access, new bar, extended patio, 14-foot chandelier

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CHESHIRE — Work continues on a Viron Rondo Osteria expansion project which will double outdoor dining seating, increase kitchen space and add a second bar to its Route 10 restaurant.

Owner Viron Rondos said the undertaking won’t fundamentally change the restaurant but will make it better and bring a European flavor to Cheshire.

“You’ll feel like you’re in France, Italy, the Mediterranean,” he said.

On Monday crews worked on the expansion to the north of the restaurant. A large portion of land behind the building has been blasted and graded for additional parking and further improvements to the restaurant’s Rheinhard Road entrance, which Rondos encouraged customers to use.

Heidi Heidkamp, restaurant general manager, said it can be difficult to use the Highland Avenue entrance, particularly during rush hours.

More kitchen and dining space, totaling 4,500 square feet, should be completed by the summer. Rondos said some of the additional outdoor dining will be done in time for Mother’s Day.

Heidkamp said they can accommodate about 60 people outside. After the new addition, that will double and include overhead cover in the case of inclement weather.

“It’s always mobbed,” Heidkamp said of the patio.

The new indoor space will be lit by a chandelier from the New York Film Academy, a feature that required a redesign of the addition. The 1970 chandelier is 14 by eight feet and 1,500 pounds.

“We redesigned the building in order to use it. It’s a piece of art,” Rondos said. “It’s going to be a conversation piece, something very beautiful.”

An expanded kitchen will make things easier on the restaurant’s cooks and allow more dishes to be served. Improvements for customers will include soundproofing to reduce noise levels and more bathrooms.

“The concept of the restaurant won’t change, but we’ll offer a lot more,” Rondos said. “This is going to bring the restaurant to another level.”

Once a second bar is constructed, Heidkamp said the existing one can be used for private events. The restaurant frequently has retirement parties, showers, bereavement lunches and other special occasions.

Viron Rondo Osteria opened in 2014.

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This 1,500 pound, 14 foot-by-8 foot chandelier was handcrafted in 1970 for the New York Film Academy, where it stayed until 2017. It will be installed in the new addition to Viron Rondo Osteria. | Photo courtesy Viron Rondo Osteria.

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