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Cheshire Property Transfers: May 8-17

Cheshire Property Transfers: May 8-17



CHESHIRE — These are the latest property transfers reported between May 8 and May 17:

Peter Kaczor to Sean K Mcguffin & Laura A Penney, 115 Bellamy Road, $550,000.

Barbara Ecke to Max Slade & Alayna Slade, 70 Towpath Lane, $440,000.

Peter J Gadsby to Donald Girard, 453 E Mitchell Avenue #453, $149,000.

Delores A Annicelli to Judith E Carter, 477 E Mitchell Avenue #477, $135,000.

John V Kubilus & Karen Kubilus to Stephen Baldassarri & Rebecca Baldassarri, 18 Chamberlain Court, $879,900.

William C Heiple & Donna J Mitchell to Timothy Garay & Danielle Garay, 31 Rosemary Lane, $422,000.

Roberta M Davies & Joseph P Patton to Armanda Dasilva, 1376 Avon Blvd, $275,000.