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Cheshire Property Transfers: May 22-26

Cheshire Property Transfers: May 22-26



CHESHIRE — These are the latest property transfers reported between May 22 and May 26:

David P Sefchok & Geralyn M Sefchok to Joseph Padgett, 773 Devonwood Drive, $635,000.

Laney J Alexander to James R Milano, 621 Dogwood Drive, $355,000.

Terri L Davidson to Renee H Davis, 828 Bethany Mountain Road, $435,000.

Krystock Paul W Est & Amy Plano to David Behrens & Shawna Behrens, 65 Mountain Brook Drive, $900,000.

Erin Breitsprecher to Fnu Sadarat, 38 Currier Pl #38, $291,000.

Michael R Malia & Stephanie M Malia to Sasha Russell & Denis Russell, 293 Country Club Road, $525,000.

Judith H Fenney & Sachem Capital Corp to Kyle Riether, 795 Reservoir Road, $182,000.