Real estate sales in Cheshire from Oct. 18 — 29.

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from Oct. 18 – 29.

Benjamin L. Henderson and Violet R. Jones to A2Z Investors LLC, 1243 Peck Lane, $160,000.

Mary Zdonczyk Est and Carolyn Z. Soltis to Saba Zaman-Samghabadi and Elham Rajaet, 1160 Wolf Hill Road, $365,000.

Matthew Stanzione and Josephine Stanzione to Estrella P. Havell, 3 Quarry Village Road Unit 3, $270,000.

Sandra K. Gayda and Cynthia G. Stiegler to Mounte Sera LT and Antonio S. Gomes, 139 Old Towne Road Unit 139, $285,000.

Kevin Cyr to Youngsuk Cintia, 709 S. Main St. Unit 709, $167,000.

John Toscano and Nora Marcouiller to Richard Mathes and Jessica Markella, 80 Braemar Drive, $450,000.

Elizabeth A. Martha and James G. Martha to Marcelo Bobbio, 45 Amherst Drive, $350,000.

Robert Boulanger to Oval Enterprise LLC, 764 W. Main St., $193,150.

Scott Griffin and Danielle Griffin to Ryan Mckay and Talla Cohen, 126 Eastgate Drive, $396,450.

Maurice C. Bafumi and Barbara A. Bafumi to John Ingrassia and Kelly Osborne-Ingrassia, 401 S. Meriden Road, $432,000.

Janet D. Thayer to Ardeth M. Hill, 323 E Mitchell Ave. Unit 323, $106,000.

Richard M. Pildis and Amy R. Schrier-Pildis to Darrow White and Mercedes White, 34 Beaverbrook Court, $470,000.

BGRS Relocation Inc to Liam Leapley and Mary Leapley, 40 Brentwood Drive, $450,000.

Teresa Stample to Cynthia E. Mckeown and Craig Mckeown, 963 Greens Loop Unit 963, $153,000.

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