Real estate sales in Cheshire from April 14 — 22.

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from April 14 – 22.

Raymond L. Roberts Est and Donald M. Roberts to Erin Luddy, 150 Bradford Drive, $317,500.

Carla Vagnini to Aaron S. Bower and Kaitlin C. Quallen, 125 Wallingford Road, $353,000.

Lois H. Holdt to Diana J. Melillo, 34 Old Towne Road Unit 34, $319,700.

Stella A. Piekarski Est and David W. Piekarski to Arkadiusz W. Stobierski and Marzena P. Stobierska, 71 Broadview Road, $290,000.

Catherine Johnson to Kathleen D. Monnes and Jeffrey D. Monnes, 291 S. Brooksvale Road, $350,100.


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