Real estate sales in Cheshire from July 14 — 21.

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from July 14 – 21.

Sarah A. Kearns and Ronald W. Kearns to Joshua M. Singer and Mandy Singer, 1187 Highview Terrace, $410,000.

Aniello Denimone and Christine Desimone to Erin Couse and David Vadala, 1025 Wolf Hill Road, $495,000.

Henry N. Ward to Christian Ward and Jin K Lee, 605 Riverside Drive, $610,000.

Bradley Schmaling and Brooke Schmaling to Adriana B. Betancourt and Julian P. Betancourt, 590 Wiese Road, $435,000.

William M. Samuelson and Kathleen D. Samuelson to Kayla Jarrin and Christopher Jarrin, 36 Iris Court, $587,500.

Kevin B. Miyar to Michael Velasquez and Shelby Velasquez, 88 Elmwood Drive, $390,000.

Susan S. Hanover and Kerry H. Pelletier to Holly A. Groom and Tyler J. Groom, 144 Fairway Drive Unit 144, $217,000.

James Petonito and Valerie Frost to Paiman U. Nasiri, 23 Mayview Ave., $227,500.

Mand T. Bank to Kyle L. Cipully, 35 Atwater Place, $300,000.

Paul W. Hunt and Susan J. Hunt to Matias N. Munoz-Gonzalez and Paula Munoz-Gonzalez, 649 Overlook Drive, $276,000.

Richard O. Dennis and Kristi A. Dennis to Michael Chin and Leigh Marie Chin, 643 Maple Ave., $471,000.

Mandy Miller and Ralph Melillo to Caitlyn Aichelman and Michael Gambardella, 57 Fernwood Lane, $382,000.

Judson H. Thuerk and Karen C. Thuerk to Oscar Suarez and Jennifer Caruso, 12 S. Pond Circle, $575,000.


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