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Real estate sales in Cheshire from July 21 — 28.

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from July 21 – 28.

Barbara A. Brondolini to Nancy S. Cunningham RET and Nancy S. Cunningham, 18 Stonegate Circle, $615,000.

Richard B. Wein and Wendy S. Wein to Redi Dishnica, 1133 Waterbury Road Unit 1133, $100,000.

Jeffrey S. Russitano to Hem R. Regmi and Sita Bashyal, 33 Roxbury Court, $670,000.

Raymond T. Szczepanski to Peter D. Visconti, 200 Lexington Court, $530,000.

Losa M. Zuccarello to Mark Ecke, 105 Deepwood Drive, $315,000.

Micah S. Ellenson and Sara B. Ellenson to James N. Kiage and Christable O. Nyaberi, 9 Colonial Court, $524,900.

Thomas H. Denne and Cynthia G. Denne to Eva J. Schrumm and Jonathan W. Schrumm, 240 S. Meriden Road, $382,723.


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