Real estate sales in Cheshire from Aug. 25 — Sept. 2.

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from Aug. 25 – Sept. 2.

Kai J. Zhang and Bing Zhang to Matthew A. Gogal, 19 Promontory Drive Unit 19, $282,000.

Michael Donahue and Tammi Donahue to Elisa M. Palmieri-Laudati and Sean R. Laudati, 65 Dundee Drive, $575,000.

Janice Saulnier to Megan Schultz and William F. Schultz, 5 Stacy Court, $387,500.

Rosalie A. Piller Est and Paul E. Whitaker to Maria A. Zamora, 1051 Prospect Road, $178,555.

Dwayne Lee to Matthew Zaringhalam and Elizabeth Zaringhalam, 1211 Long Hill Road, $400,000.

Robert Vazquez and Marcie C. Vazquez to Yan M. Wang and Lin L. Chen, 17 Robin Lane, $445,000.

Robert C. Horowitz and Jayne F. Capuciati to Ramakrishnan Ganesan and Sangeetha P. Wiswanathan, 10 Foxwood Court, $510,000.

Donna M. Perazella and Mark A. Perazella to Matthew E. Kozloski and Richard Winterrmute, 395 Sir Walter Drive, $575,000.

Sean Laudati and Elisa Laudati to Nancy G Worms, 921 Farmington Drive, $380,000.

Michael R Stern and Patti H Stern to Gregg P Guomas, 5 Vista Ter, $580,000.


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