Real estate sales in Cheshire from Dec. 14 – 22.Meriden Property Transfers from Dec. 15 – 23.


CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from Dec. 14 – 22.

Patricia A. Sienkowski Est and Thomas A. Sienkowski to James J. Vibert and Cynthia J. Vibert, 1169 Long Hill Road, $365,000.

Lucille N. Healey Est and Paul S. Healey to Diana L. Phaneuf, 40 Southwick Court Unit 303, $170,000.

Christopher B. Traner and Ashleeann M. Traner to Kyle M. Jesensky, 30 Currier Place Unit 30, $265,000.

Antonio Ettorre to Christopher B. Traner and Ashleeann M. Traner, 405 Blacks Road, $500,000.

Rand Cynthia Sima LT and Cynthia Sima to Christopher M. Sima and Meghan I. Sima, 1427 Cheshire St., $395,000.

Adam N. Grippo and Catherine R. Grippo to Catherina Grala, 1068 Avon Blvd, $225,000.

Natan Bauman and Elisa Bauman to Anthony J. Messina and Kelly E. Sullivan, 625 Redstone Drive, $600,000.

US Bank NA Tr to Vincenzo Buontempo, 630 Cook Hill Road, $500,000.


MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Dec. 15 – 23.

1360 West Main St., LLC to Mitchell Javier, 1360 W. Main St., $240,000.

Joshua Delorenzo and Samantha R. Ruel to Sean Pentalow, 172 Murray St., $185,000.

Celine L. Fiderio to Karin Bent and Robert Marcantonio, 106 Alexander Drive, $415,000.

Meka Contracting Corp to Soveth Mong and Voin Mann, 74 Randolph Ave., $215,000.

Kathleen Dorr to Justin Rodriguez and Annette Candelario, 56 Alexander Drive, $335,000.

Karen R. Levine and Jan M. Levine to Lizette Borges, 40 Orchid Road, $219,900.

Nancy M. Bencosme to Amanda Loayza, 12 Suzio Drive, $280,000.

Robert Brown to Jean R. Elie and Lusny Pierre, 102 Cariati Blvd, $405,000.

Allen Murphy to Jessica Tishler-Bennett, 109 Blackstone Village Unit 109, $135,000.

Brian J. Griffin and Veronica L. Griffin to Deborah Rizzo and Gregory Puzycki, 157 Williams St., $225,000.

Susan C. Steele to Henry Pena and Yanina Carrillo, 219 S. Broad St., Unit N107, $105,000.

Jason Guidone to 10710 College St LLC, 219 S Broad St., Unit N217, $92,000.

Marie O. Charpentier to Jae P. Bergamo and Brianna Richardson, 22 Woodmere Knls, $299,900.

Robert M. Roles and Noelle M. Roles to Rachel M. Taylor and Derry L. Taylor, 98 Sylvan Ave.e, $215,000.


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