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Cheshire Property Transfers from July 21- Aug. 3

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from July 21 – Aug. 3.

Laporta Ft and Albert Laporta to Aslam M. Khan and Farhat A Khan, 157 Birch Drive, $559,000.

Helen Mary Plekan Est and Emil Gavenas to Amanda Kemp, 693 W. Main St., $332,000.

John Hall to Eric D. Sachs and Adina Munk, 71 Westmore Road, $449,900.

Dean W. Spencer Est and Donna L. Bouteiller to Karen K. Wells, 341 S Rolling Acres Road, $290,000.

Helen A. George to Brandon G. Wittneben, 1744 Musso View Ave., $258,000.

Aron Pell and Fredyne G. Pell to Jason R. Mcconnell and Carolyn M. Mcconnell, 19 Westin Court, $670,000.

Liang L. Huang to Elton Llorja, 355 Redwood Lane, $440,000.

Deegan Children T and Susan D. Pappas to Chloe J. Bennett and Daniel J. Kenny, 84 Bennett Ave., $351,000.

Eg Stonebridge LLC to Kimberly A. Carter, 1 Soderman Way Unit 1, $479,720.


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