Cheshire Property Transfers Aug. 11 – 18

Property transfers reported from Aug. 18 – 25.

Crysta J. Abell to Meghan Palluzzi and Dylan Palluzzi, 136 Crescent Circle, $429,900.

Susan A. Metcalf Ft and Edward D. Metcalf to Colleen M. Festa and Nicholas K. Festa, 8 Inverness Court, $670,000.

Helen Nethery to Erica V. Scarpati and Jonathan P. Decasanova, 28 Iris Court, $474,900.

Daniel R. Lopez Est and Danna L. Lopez to James T. Humphrey, 46 Walnut St. Unit 46, $79,923.

John M. Milone Jr RET and John M. Milone to Cori Dykeman and David Dykeman, 1290 Half Moon Road, $665,000.

Robert J. Gribko Est and Richard Gribko to Richard J. Monastero RET, 23 Currier Place Unit 23, $300,500.

Louise H. Ferguson Est and Raymond Ferguson to Ilaria Schiano, 819 Moss Lane, $365,000.

Claire M. Robitaille Est and Susan Pier to Louis A. Borrelli and Deborah A. Borrelli, 68 Old Towne Road Unit 68, $382,500.

Marie C. Hirschfeld to Robert J. Wing, 330 Sir Walter Drive, $500,000.

John C. Garbalosa and Ruthanne Marcus to Cristina Garbalosa, 1237 Highview Terrace, $320,000.

Edward W. Scott and Judith A. Scott to Shu K. Chen and Yaqun Nong, 1321 Diamond Hill Road, $310,000.

Edward L. Juskowiak Est and Timothy W. Rourke to Michael S. Mayo and Verna K. Larson, 164 Mountain Road, $446,000.


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