Real estate sales in Cheshire from May 7 — 14.

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from May 7 – 14.

John D. Baumgardner and Vanessa L. Baumgardner to Jeramie J. Mota and Giselle M. Mota, 55 Charter Oak Drive, $525,000.

Emily Houghton to Bailey Dunn and Jeffrey Dunn, 1285 Notch Road, $355,000.

William T. Narducci and Carrie W. Narducci to Barbara Rymer, 81 Quarry Village Road Unit 81, $225,000.

David M. Berson and Marlene M. Berson to Aleksei Diachenko and Elizaveta Kiryanova, 1450 S. Main St., $315,000.

Marcella J. Mongillo to Judy Lombardi and Jordan Lombardi, 134 Birch Drive, $355,000.

Richard W. Mead and Mary L. Mead to Sharon Davies and David R. Jeffery, 35 Bramble Way, $419,000.

Jacklyn Borrelli and Justin Lavigne to Joshua D. Morgan and Lorena C. Morgan, 138 Eastgate Drive, $385,000.

Lawrence W. Purdy and Rosemary C. Purdy to Deborah E. Bartenshaw, 11 Old Towne Road Unit 11, $228,000.

Karen Atkin to Yunxiaug Zang, 731 S. Main St. Unit 731, $183,000.

Walillian Tyson to Cagatay Dursun and Ayla Dursun, 933 Farmington Drive, $295,000.

Catherine T. Wright Est and John Wright to Pinnacle Land Dev LLC, 283 S. Brooksvale Road, $50,000.

Robert W. Chiesa Est and Kathryn J. Chiesa to Jeffrey P. Cranford and Heidi G. Cranford, 1142 Coleman Road, $400,000.


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