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Real estate sales in Cheshire from June 30 — July 6.

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from June 30 – July 6.

Todd Francis and Christina Z. Francis to Andrea D. Wethern and Andrew D. Wethern, 7 E. Ridge Court, $650,000.

Beth Severino to Manuel J. Rivera, 63 Currier Way Unit 63, $209,000.

Judith A. Dileo RET and Judith A. Dileo to James W. Block and Kim L. Block, 60 Contour Drive, $400,000.

305 Richmond Glen LLC to Catherine C. Coleman, 305 Richmond Glen Drive, $665,000.

Ana R. Mariani to Allison K. Williams and Tyler I. Williams, 1762 Waterbury Road, $262,000.

John Gillette and Joanne Gillette to Zachary Wasilewski, 48 Robin Lane, $229,000.

Joel Renker to Ewa Lisinski and Jason Klimaseski, 118 Eastgate Drive, $390,000.

Daniel T. Clarke and Michaele L. Clarke to Martin Hwang and Heejung Hwng, 45 Frances Court, $510,000.

John A. Scaramozza and Barbara T. Scaramozza to Joel Renker and Cara Renker, 612-C S. Brooksvale Road, $450,000.


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