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Cheshire Property Transfers Oct. 20 — 27

CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from Oct. 20 – 27.

Constantino Pagliaro to Barbara Kraus and Jennifer Festa, 615 Ives Row, $450,000.

Betty Goldstone to Susan D. Odonnell, 479 E. Mitchell Ave. Unit 479, $142,500.

Nancy E. Knapp to Fnu P. Tejaswy and Sriteja R. Burla, 225 Nutmeg Place, $645,000.

Town of and Alan Jarman to Cheshire Town Of, 422 N. Brooksvale Road, $203,000.

Karen P Kuzmak-Roche to Paul J Prodsky and Corrine H Prodsky, 44 Quarry Village Road Unit 44, $285,000.


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