A classic charcuterie board consists of various meats and cheeses. | Lindsay Pytel, special to Record-Journal

3 charcuterie boards to make at home for the holiday season

3 charcuterie boards to make at home for the holiday season

3 charcuterie boards to make at home for the holiday season

Charcuterie (shar-ku-tuh-ree) boards are beautiful to look at and loaded with delicious snacks. The best part about these boards is that you can create them however you’d like.

Typically charcuterie boards are made with meats and cheeses, but you can have fun trying different themes. It’s an opportunity to be creative, while cleaning out your fridge and cupboards.

Here are three easy boards you can try at home:

A classic charcuterie board decorated with muenster, pepper jack and sharp white cheddar cheese paired with hot salami, hot pepperoni and peppered capicola. The pepperoncini and kalamata olives add a vinegar filled zest. No matter what you try on this board, you are getting a lot of flavor. It costs about $15 to make, and the key to that price is not spending an exuberant amount on the meat or cheese. Shoprite has sales of blocks of store brand cheese at times for $1.77. Chances are, you might even have some of these ingredients already in your kitchen. 

This board contains: mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, various cheeses, crackers, hot salami, hot pepperoni and peppered capicola.

Movie night charcuterie board. Fill it with your favorite snacks and candy, and curl up on the couch. This board is great to make because you probably already have your favorite snacks on hand. And don’t forget to include that leftover Halloween candy.

This board contains: popcorn, tortilla chips, salsa verde, gummy bears, pretzels, crinkled potato chips, bubblegum, Starbursts, ranch dip, sour Airhead bites, frosted animal cookies, hummus, pita chips and Goldfish.

Hot cocoa and dessert board to kick off the holiday season. Chocolate covered pretzels and ginger bread are perfect additions to make your board a little sweeter. Use cookie cutters to split up your marshmallows or chocolate chips, it adds even more festivity to the presentation. A board like this will definitely put you into the holiday spirit.

This board contains: mini marshmallows, fudge wafers, graham crackers, peanut butter cups, salted caramel biscotti, peppermint chocolate covered pretzels, brownie brittle, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, s'mores bites, chocolate chips and hot chocolate powder.

Whether you prefer savory or sweet, or somewhere in between, there is a charcuterie board you can create. Whip up a gorgeous board with all of your favorite snacks and take time for yourself!

Lindsay Pytel “Lunch with Linds” is an avid foodie from Meriden featuring the best eats in the Connecticut and New York area on Instagram  and Facebook

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