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As seen on TikTok: Summer pasta salad

As seen on TikTok: Summer pasta salad

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Check out the full video on this simple pasta salad recipe on the Record-Journal TikTok account – @rjfoodanddrink

With over 58k views, this recipe is a popular summer dish!


2 cucumbers

1 jar of sliced or whole black olives

1 container of fresh mozzarella pearls

1 container grape tomatoes

Brown rice elbow pasta (or any pasta you want!)

Italian dressing/vinaigrette 

Salt and pepper to taste



1.Cook pasta and drain with cold water. Cool.

2.Pour pasta into a bowl with two chopped cucumbers.

3.Add mozzarella pearls. 

4.Add olives.

5.Add tomatoes.

6.Add salt and pepper to taste, or skip.

7.Stir everything together.

8.Pour in Italian dressing to taste.

9.Stir. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese. 



You can bring the salad to a picnic or BBQ and serve right away with no additional preparations. 

Optional – add pepperoni or salami to the mix. Instead of Parmesan or mozzarella, try Feta cheese. 


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