The Eatery offers sandwiches, bowls and salads including this Alexandria salad. |Lindsay Pytel, special to the Record-Journal

Blogger reviews spring salads in Meriden, Wallingford

Blogger reviews spring salads in Meriden, Wallingford

Blogger reviews spring salads in Meriden, Wallingford

The weather is starting to get warmer, which means some are looking for lighter meals. Here are the spots to go to get big and delicious salads:

B Muse, 665 N Colony Rd, Wallingford

B Muse is the home of the most bountiful salads. Never, does the staff skimp out on the ingredients when building your salad. Whether ordering a custom salad or one off the menu, each one is made with keeping you full in mind. B Muse has an extensive list of items to add into your bowl including various greens, vegetables, cheeses and meats that bring some excitement to your salad. A salad should have substance and be more than just lettuce. B Muse understands that and makes sure you leave with enough for lunchtime and sometimes even dinner!

The Eatery, 65 S. Colony St, Wallingford

When it comes time for lunch, The Eatery should come to mind. The Eatery offers delicious salads, bowls and sandwiches at its aesthetically pleasing shop in Wallingford. The Alexandria salad is perfect if you love Greek salads. Loaded with spinach, romaine, red onion, tomatoes, feta and chickpeas, the tzatziki dressing that goes on top is the icing on the cake. It is creamy and filled with dill. Make sure to ask for an extra cup! The Eatery is not currently open for indoor dining, but it is available for takeout.

Bella Luna, 361 Liberty St, Meriden

It’s no secret that pizza and salad are a perfect pair, however if you haven’t had a salad from Bell Luna in Meriden, you are missing out! Bella Luna’s buffalo chicken salad is absolutely mouth watering. With a romaine base, the salad is piled high with croutons, cucumbers, onion, crispy buffalo chicken strips and mozzarella cheese. It is also paired with a big cup of blue cheese dressing. The chicken is served hot on top of the salad making the mozzarella melt over the chicken. There is the perfect amount of buffalo sauce and each bite of chicken makes for a satisfying crunch. Next time, when ordering a pizza, think about getting this salad with it!

The Salad Bar, 856 Cromwell Ave, Rocky Hill

Though a bit farther from the local area, The Salad Bar is definitely a place to stop for salad-lovers. The customer has the choice of getting a half or whole salad, or getting everything into a wrap. The half salad is definitely enough for lunchtime, especially if ordering a lot of toppings. The Salad Bar offers an abundance of toppings including but not limited to cabbage, cucumbers, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, chickpeas, quinoa and more. At the end of building the salad, the staff member will ask which dressing the customer would like and toss the salad right in the bowl. Definitely go for the avocado ranch dressing!

Lindsay Pytel “Lunch with Linds” is an avid foodie from Meriden featuring the best eats in the Connecticut and New York area on Instagram and Facebook.

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