Plenty of pizzas to try in Meriden. |Lindsay Pytel, special to Record-Journal

5 pizza places to try in Meriden

5 pizza places to try in Meriden

5 pizza places to try in Meriden

There are so many different pizza restaurants in Meriden. Here are five that should be on your radar.

Illiano’s Ristorante and Pizzeria, 510a W. Main St.

If you’re looking for a pizza place where the possibilities are endless, look no further than Illiano’s Ristorante and Pizzeria. This restaurant dares to be different, putting all sorts of different toppings one may not think to put on a pizza. Whether it’s pickles or a slice that tastes just like a Big Mac cheeseburger, your taste buds will never be bored.

Andrea’s Pizza, 517 W. Main St.

Right across the street from Illiano’s sits another delicious pizza restaurant, Andrea’s Pizza. This small shop offers big flavors. Fresh from the oven, this margarita pizza had gooey cheese and a plethora of fresh basil. Each bite is so tasty that you may be able to eat the whole pizza in one sitting (I speak from experience).

Jimmy’s Pizza, 1068 Old Colony Road

This pizzeria is the place to go if your favorite part of the pizza is the crust. The crust is buttery and crisp, containing no floury bottom or charred edges. It is also a great spot for a personal pie. A small cheese is $6.95 and a perfect meal for one person.

Casa di Roma, 103 Main St.

Casa di Roma is a fan favorite of Meriden residents. After trying it this past weekend, it definitely lived up to the rave reviews. This restaurant offers so many unique toppings on its pizzas. This Philly cheese steak pizza was delicious and loaded with toppings. The size of the pizza was also incredible. A small 12 inch pie fed a family of three.

Lido’s, 75 Pomeroy Ave.

Lido’s is a Meriden staple, especially on the east side of town. As a local, anytime you go in there, you see someone you know. If you love thin crust, then you must try Lido’s. Out of all the restaurants listed, Lido’s has the thinnest crust resulting in maximum topping flavor in each bite.

Lindsay Pytel “Lunch with Linds” is an avid foodie from Meriden featuring the best eats in the Connecticut and New York area on Instagram  and Facebook.

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