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Favio Pillacela, owner of Favio’s Trattoria at 80 Center St. in Wallingford, Friday, Oct. 20.

Favio’s Trattoria brings its own Italian flair to Center Street in Wallingford

Favio’s Trattoria brings its own Italian flair to Center Street in Wallingford

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WALLINGFORD — Favio's Trattoria, Center Street's latest culinary venture which opened on Sunday, has brought another taste of Italy to the neighborhood, offering a variety of traditional Italian cuisine for customers. 

The eatery at 80 Center St. is Favio Pillacela’s fourth restaurant. He runs the business with his brother and cousin. The three also run Serafino's Restaurant in Wallingford, Lido's Restaurant & Pizzeria in Meriden and Vespucci's Restaurant in Cheshire. 

Opening a fourth restaurant

Pillacela’s brother and cousin are each his business partners and manage a restaurant. It seemed like a great opportunity to open another Italian restaurant since the other three are doing well, Pillacela said. “We also all take turns going to each restaurant,” he said. “Sometimes you’ll see me at Lido’s or Serafino’s because we’re all involved. It just was the right time.”

Pillacela’s goal is to own and operate a total of 10 restaurants.

“This restaurant is different from the other restaurants we own,” Pillacela said. “We want to make this restaurant more of a tapas style with a variety of different options on the menu and some of them are more authentic to the Italian cuisine.”

The menu

Although Pillacela is Ecuadorian, he decided to continue serving Italian cuisine due to the potential and popularity of the food. Recently, he took a trip to Italy where he visited a variety of restaurants in Naples, Rome and Florence. 

“While on my tour, I was able to see the different dishes and techniques that the chefs did,” he said. “In Naples I saw their pizza and in Florence you notice that they have a liking towards steak.”

Customers can find authentic dishes on the menu from Rome and Naples, according to Gianfranco Carannante, head chef at the trattoria. 

Carannante was born and raised in Naples, Italy, and has been working in the food industry from a young age in order to help out his family. 

He worked at various restaurants in Italy, until he moved to the area in 2016. He worked at several restaurants throughout New Haven County including Serafino's Restaurant in Wallingford and The Bar in North Haven, and he was a sous chef at Caffe Bravo in New Haven.

“One of the most popular items on the menu is the zucca chips,” Carannante said. “This is also a popular dish in Italy and many Italians prepare it.”

Cacio e pepe and grilled octopus are other popular menu items. 

“In Italy we love our seafood and octopus,” Carannante said. 

Other items include chicken florentine, beef braciole, rigatoni and ragu. 

The environment of Favio’s Trattoria

What many customers like to do at Favio’s is eat appetizers while sitting at the bar, Pillacela said. When opening the restaurant, a bar was one of the main “must haves” on the list. 

The restaurant also has a dining area which allows customers to be seated in a traditional setting. 

Pillacela is unsure whether a grand opening ceremony is necessary. He decided to open without having an inauguration so that the staff wouldn’t feel pressure when opening. 

“I want them to get used to the menu, the kitchen and the restaurant,” he said. “Maybe we will do one soon.”

For hours and the menu, visit https://faviostrattoria.com/.


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