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Local blogger offers St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for kids

Local blogger offers St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for kids

Local blogger offers St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for kids

I cherish every single holiday that I get to spend with the kids, decorate and have surprises for them. It’s become a tradition that they wake up and find what the leprechaun has left for them. Usually the leprechaun will leave a rainbow of streamers over the fireplace with a pot of goodies at the end of the rainbow. We will then have a green pancake breakfast with whipped cream and Lucky Charms. This year, I changed it up a little with rainbow pancakes and shamrock marshmallows with a side of green milk.

Here is the recipe for the pancakes. I simply add one shot of green food coloring into a measuring cup and add the milk and then add it into their cups. 



•    Box Pancake Mix 

•    Coloring gel (all colors of the rainbow)

•    Rainbow Sprinkles

•    St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallows

•    Whipped Cream


•    In a small bowl, make batter as indicated on the instructions

•    Separate batter and divide batter amongst the bowls

•    Add one to two drops of each food coloring into each of the bowls.

•    Heat griddle to a medium-high heat and lightly spray with cooking oil.

•    For each mini pancake, spoon batter onto skillet. Our pancakes were about 3 inch in diameter. 

•    Cook until mini pancakes have some bubbles about 1 to 2 minutes. Flip carefully with a thin spatula, and cook until bottom side is finished. Stack pancakes in order of the rainbow and top with whipped cream, sprinkles and marshmallows.

With little one’s, it’s all about them. My husband and I will cook up a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Irish soda bread. I always buy the Irish butter to go on the bread as well. I pair the cabbage with red vine vinegar or mustard. The kids actually eat it and I hope they do this year as well.

For dessert, we make the St Patrick’s Day dessert Charcuterie board. All of the links to the board can be found on my website at I usually begin the board with my largest item first. I offset any bowls that I am using and place them next. I don’t recommend ever placing bowls directly in the center. I use wafer cookies to add a layered effect around the bowls. If you have any loose candy (such as m&ms, skittles, rolo candy) this is what you utilize the bowls for. I also group 3-4 of each like item and then spread those groups throughout the board. At the end, use your shamrock marshmallows as “filler” for any space that you can still see your board. 


Mint Oreos

Rolo Chocolates

St Patricks Day Sugar Cookies

Wafer Vanilla Cookies

Mini Cupcakes

Mini frosted Sugar Cookies

Shamrock marshmallows

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

St Patrick’s Chocolate Coins

Lucky Charm Bars

You can use these tips for a board for fresh fruit and cheese and crackers as well. Use fruit that is the colors of the rainbow to create a rainbow arch on your board. My kids would love a dessert board just as much as a fruit board.


What would a St Patrick’s Day be if we all didn’t have matching outfits? I have an Etsy shop at and make shirts and crew sweatshirts to match for the entire family. The kids have green shirts that say “lucky babe” and my shirt says “lucky mama”. I customize matching shirts for every holiday and my kids love them. They also come in handy for school because the kids usually have to dress up for the holiday. 

For our party, Crafty Holiday Helper ( sent over their 2021 St. Patrick's Day Party in a Box. 


Green & Gold Plates

Plaid Napkins

Gold dipped forks

Rainbow Cups

Gold Straws

Rainbow Centerpiece

Pot of Gold

Shamrock Balloons

Temporary Tattoos

Scavenger Hunt 

Green Shamrock Glasses

Rainbow Lollipops

As a busy mom, it’s nice to not only have a box that contains everything I need for a party, but one that is delivered right to my door. It makes my life easier and the kids extremely happy. 

I usually pick up some crafts from Michael’s as well. We always have items around the house that we can use too (multi colored construction paper and cotton balls for the rainbow with pot of gold). I also love a good handprint made into a leprechaun. It’s nice looking back at all their crafts and how small their baby hands were. I will cherish them always. 

Make memories with the kids and don’t stress. Try to use what you have around the house or utilize an online service that you can get all your items shipped to you. Have fun and enjoy these moments with your kids. 

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Amanda Piscitelli is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor. 


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