Taco Pacifico has closed after two months in business due to lackluster sales amid the pandemic. Owner Greg Sharon hopes to reopen. |
 Dave Zajac, Record-Journal

Wallingford tortilleria closes after two months, looks to future grand reopening

Wallingford tortilleria closes after two months, looks to future grand reopening

Wallingford tortilleria closes after two months, looks to future grand reopening

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WALLINGFORD —– After being open for two months, Taco Pacifico closed on Monday citing low sales due to COVID. 

Opening during a pandemic, owner Greg Sharon said the business started off strong. He said many people were looking to try the new place in town, but when October came around sales began to plummet. 

Although the Wallingford restaurant is closing, Sharon plans to open the tortilleria again in April 2021 with major changes to give customers an experience that many were seeking. 

“When I reopen in April, my plan would be to have a firm grand reopening,” Sharon said, with “tables and chairs in the back where people could come, sit and eat and enjoy on site.” 

Taco Pacifico, 97 Chapel St. Wallingford, offered only takeout and customers had to view the menu on their phones. Sharon said these are some things he heard feedback on from customers. 

“It was never my original plan to have just a curbside service,” Sharon said. “My business has always been an open kitchen, big serving window, it was very welcoming that way. It was ‘hey watch us prepare your food.’” 

Greg Sharon began over a decade ago with a taco truck with California style Mexican food which eventually expanded into several trucks parked in multiple locations and a catering service.

Connecticut’s recent rise in COVID cases has impacted the restaurant industry in different ways. While many takeout restaurants have done well throughout the pandemic, Taco Pacifico wasn’t able to do as well as the food truck had done. 

“We’ve only paid our dues as a food truck. As takeout, even if the food is the same, I’m completely new and I’m the new kid on the block and I have to establish myself,” Sharon said.  

On the other hand, Mind, Body & Soulfood, 511 W. Main St., another restaurant that opened during the pandemic is having a different experience. Co-owner, Drew Durant said the Meriden soul food restaurant is doing better than they expected. 

“I don’t know what to expect, but with the support from the city and neighboring cities, I suspect that we will continue on this same path,” Durant said.

Sharon is content with his decision to close Taco Pacifico and said he would rather be up front about it. In order to be able to have another season, Sharon says financially, closing the restaurant is the most sound decision.

When he opens back up next spring, Sharon is looking forward to providing the type of business he has always wanted to offer.

“I just love interacting with customers, making them smile, serving them great food, hearing their great stories and making the food,” Sharon said. “I love that part of it.”

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