Spring charcuterie board.Ashley Kus, Record-Journal

Seen on Tik Tok: Spring charcuterie board

Seen on Tik Tok: Spring charcuterie board

Seen on Tik Tok: Spring charcuterie board

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Spring is here and with it comes more opportunities to entertain, whether it’s a backyard get-together or just family time — this charcuterie board is easy to put together for any occasion.

Check out the RJ Food & Drink TikTok account for a step-by-step video on how to make this board.

The basics of a charcuterie board include a mix of savory and sweet foods. You can use anything you want as long as you include crackers, cheese, fruit and veggies. For a finishing touch, consider a herb like Thyme to place on various areas of the board.

Here is how I made my board. Everything came from my local grocery store.

■Brie cheese wedge■Slices of Swiss, Colby Jack, Sharp Cheddar and PepperJack cheeses (about 20 slices)■3 types of crackers■Pretzels■Pepperoni slices■Soppressata wrapped mozzarella■Green olives ■Sweet goat cheese log (I used a blueberry vanilla variety)■Baby carrots■Sliced strawberries■Everything But the Bagel dill dip■Veggie Ranch dip■Red Pepper Jam

Start your board about a half hour before you expect to serve it. Leave the meats and dips for last.

Pick a center, I picked the brie cheese wedge to be center then arranged everything else around it.

Start with the corners and stack two types of crackers so they fill the upper left and lower left corners of the board.

Place the jam, in a bowl, in the middle of the two crackers.

Fill the space between the jam and the brie with a handful of pretzel sticks.

Place the cheese slices accordion style next to the crackers. 

Fill a small bowl with green olives and place towards the top right corner next to the crackers. 

Fill the upper right hand corner with baby carrots followed by the sliced strawberries.

Fill any spaces with meat and the dips. I ended up placing one dip next to the board for easier access.

Decorate with fresh Thyme.

Put spoons in the olives, jam and dips. Set up toothpicks on both sides of the board.


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