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As seen on TikTok: Gluten free chicken noodle kale soup

As seen on TikTok: Gluten free chicken noodle kale soup

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This gluten free soup is perfect for chilly nights and has immune boosting ingredients for winter ahead. 

You can substitute spinach for kale or a different type of noodle. This soup is customizable, you can even double spices or swap them out.

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Olive oil to coat the bottom of a pan

½ cup scallions

4 chopped carrots

8 cups chicken broth or bone broth

2 cups chopped kale

tsp garlic powder

tsp onion powder

tsp parsley flakes

tsp turmeric 

8.8 ounces of cooked gluten free noodles (I used Whole Foods Farm Shapes Organic Gluten Free pasta)

4 shredded cooked chicken breast

Salt and pepper to taste




1.Saute the scallions in oil at the bottom of a large pot

2.When the scallions are almost translucent, add the carrots.

3.As carrots soften, add 2 cups of broth.

4.Bring to a boil.

5.Add kale.

6.Add garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, turmeric and pinch of salt and/or pepper.

7.Stir until well combined.

8.Bring down to medium heat.

9.Add 2 more cups of broth.

10.Add cooked noodles.

11.Stir until combined.

12.Add shredded cooked chicken.

13.Stir until combined.

14.Cook until well combined then enjoy!

15.Optional – sprinkle salt and pepper in before serving.



Turmeric and kale, among other ingredients, can be great for keeping inflammation in the body low and the immune system working well.

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