Warm up with a delicious ramen from Funju Noodle Bar.

5 places in Meriden and Wallingford to try a variety of Asian cuisine

5 places in Meriden and Wallingford to try a variety of Asian cuisine

5 places in Meriden and Wallingford to try a variety of Asian cuisine

Meriden and Wallingford have so many delicious Asian cuisine-style restaurants to choose from. It will be hard to pick which one to check out first! Here are five that you can try:

Thai Tanic, 784 E. Main St., Meriden

This small restaurant is not one to miss. The chicken satay was especially delicious. The tender chicken was slightly charred at the bottom, which was a pleasant reminder of the warmer days that lie ahead. The chicken was well seasoned and served hot. The most memorable part of the meal, however, was the side of peanut sauce that came with the chicken. This zesty sauce overwhelms the taste buds and has a hint of spice. Thai Tanic also offers a variety of soups, pho and noodle entrees.

Asian Invasion LLC, 1371 E. Main St., Meriden

For those who can’t agree on what to get, Asian Invasion has you covered, offering a variety of dishes from different countries. This restaurant serves the freshest ingredients, and every meal is worth a try. The ramen and soup bowls are generously proportioned and will last more than one meal. The entrees are also delicious, especially the orange chicken. It is crispy and smothered in a sweet orange sauce paired with white rice, broccoli, carrots, mini corns and fresh orange slices. There are so many options, you can pick a new one every time.

Funju Noodle Bar, 20 Ives Road, Wallingford

This is the perfect spot for a chilly winter day. Its pho bowl will fill and warm you right up! This Shoyu ramen contains sliced braised chicken, nori, scallion, egg and bamboo all in a rich hot broth. There is even hot chili sauce or soy sauce on the table if you like to add that into your ramen. The chicken katsu steamed buns are also worth mentioning. The golden chicken is cut thin and so crunchy which is a nice contrast from the soft doughiness of the steamed bun. 

Sakimura, 496 S. Broad St., Wallingford

Sakimura is a classic in Meriden. It’s hard to pass up the infamous hibachi. However, here are a couple other items you could try. With it being Lent, many may be looking for meatless alternatives for lunch or dinner. The vegetable gyoza is a great option. For only $5, this appetizer is deliciously filled with vegetables and wrapped in a spinach dumpling. Sushi is also another delicious choice and one that offers a multitude of variety. From California rolls to Shrimp Tempura, you really can’t go wrong with a fresh roll from Sakimura.

Roodle, 1263 S. Broad St., Wallingford

Roodle in Wallingford offers the most colorful Asian cuisine. These dishes offer a wide variety of flavors and ingredients and go above and beyond to fill empty stomachs. Roodle offers tasty rice and noodle entrees as well big bowl noodle soups and a plethora of vegetarian options. Roodle is a bit more expensive than the other restaurants listed, however the portions are very generous.

Lindsay Pytel “Lunch with Linds” is an avid foodie from Meriden featuring the best eats in the Connecticut and New York area on Instagram and Facebook.

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