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She Did More Than Write A Book 

She Did More Than Write A Book 

The Book, The Long Walk was written by Tia Guay, a sophomore at Southington High School!

The book is about a girl named Amara who lives in Africa. In Amara’s village, she does not have access to clean water. One day, Amara meets a girl from America named Sam. Once Sam realizes that Amara does not have clean water to drink, she goes back to America to try and raise money to get a well built for Amara and her family. At the end of the story, Amara has a new well in her village and clean water for life. Overall, the book was written to spread awareness about the Global Water Crisis, and encourage people to donate to organizations that help provide clean water to kids in Africa. For every book that is sold, a percentage of the proceeds go to Thirst Project! Thirst Project is an organization that encourages student leaders to create fundraisers in their community to raise money towards the Global Water Crisis!

Tia wrote the book because she did not know how to fundraise to help the Global Water Crisis, during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many of the school events where she had planned to raise money, were canceled due to COVID-19. She had to think of new ways to fundraise. Writing a Children’s book about the global water crisis was the best idea because it would educate young children about the global water crisis, and it would raise money for the  cause. Tia hopes to sell as many books as possible so that she can raise a lot of money to help END the Global Water Crisis. The book will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and She can’t wait for everyone to read it and learn about the global water crisis!