Durham Fair Recycling

Bottle recycling at the Durham Fair was started in 2006 by Boy Scout Troop 27 and the CRHS ECO club.  They place approximately 130 blue recycling barrels throughout the fairgrounds.  The group collects on average 32,000 bottles and cans for the 5 cent redemption.  

The funds raised help support the groups’ activities.  Another 5,000-8,000 bottles are collected for general recycling.  This helps recyclable products from going into the waste stream.  We have about 40 scouts, students, and adult leaders who participate in the recycling project each year.

2014 and 2017 were two of our best years, we collected  around 45,000 bottles and cans for redemption and recycling.

Composting project:

The Durham Fair composting project started in 2013 with a grant from Coginchaug Valley Education Foundation (CVEF).  

A total of 31.21 tons of food waste (62,420 lbs) has been diverted from the waste stream since the project started.  

In 2021, nearly all food vendors participated in the composting project. 78 vendors participated, 33 volunteers helped distribute buckets and collect the waste for a total of 88 volunteer hours.  3.45 tons (6,900 lbs) of food waste was collected this year.  The food waste goes to Quantum BioPower in Southington, where it goes through a bio-digestion process to generate natural gas that is used to generate electricity.  

The composting project is multigenerational and volunteers come from Sustainable Durham, ECO (the CRHS environmental club), Boy Scout Troop 27, Coginchaug Area Transition, and the general public.  

HQ Dumpsters and Recycling has been a key supporter of the project.  


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