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Local Mentor and Mentee Create Lasting Memories at the Quandary Escape Room

Wallingford’s Kathleen Mullins is a Big Sister (mentor) in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Connecticut’s community-based program. Her Little Sister (mentee) is 12-year-old Eliseanna from Meriden, a student at the Edison Middle School. The two have been matched for almost a year. Recently, they visited the Quandary Escape Room in Wallingford’s historic Silversmith Factory, where they put on their thinking caps and then got busy seeking out hidden objects, solving puzzles, opening intricate locks, and decoding secret messages - all with the goal of completing a mission while racing against a 60-minute countdown clock. Kathleen and Eliseanna agreed that their Quandary visit was a unique and challenging experience, one where they laughed a lot while their brains couldn’t stop firing on all available cylinders. Learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters at: www.ctbigs.org.



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