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Carl Robinson (Sports)

1937 – 1983

Born in Wrightsville, Ga., he moved to Meriden and became an outstanding football and basketball player for Meriden High School, graduating from there in 1956.

He received his bachelor’ degree in physical education from South Carolina College in 1961and completed requirements for his master’s degree in specialized education at Southern Connecticut State College.

He was named to the “Negro College All-American Football Squad” and played pro-football with the San Diego Chargers and the Boston Patriots.

He taught athletics at the Connecticut School for Boys, joining the Connecticut Department of Corrections in 1969.

He was appointed warden of the Connecticut State Prison at Somers on Sept. 1, 1972. His excellent record at Somers brought him national recognition.

In Meriden he served as a member of the Community Action Agency. He was a member of the N.A.A.C.P., National Association of Health, Recreation and Physical Education,

The Connecticut Education Association and the Meriden-Waterbury Chapter of Lambda Rho, of Omega Psi Phi Rho Fraternity.

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