Harry J. Costello (Sports) 

From Meriden's "Dublin Hill," Harry Costello was a football coach's dream and an outstanding track man at Meriden High School in the years 1907-09. He went on to Georgetown University where his gridiron exploits propelled him into Georgetown Sports Hall of Fame.

He earned his nickname "Nine-point Cos" at Georgetown because the team was considered a nine point favorite with Costello in the lineup. As quarterback, be achieved hero status when be dropkicked three field goals and the team went on to defeat University of Virginia for the first time in twelve years.

The great "Pop" Warner said of Costello: "For his inches, 5' 9,” one of the finest players whoever lived." West Point's coach noted that he could run, punt, pass and drop-kick with equal facility, and the coach of the losing team in the 1913 Jesuit Big East title game commented, "This Costello is the best quarterback I ever saw and I would put him on my All American team. We could not stop him. We could not hurt him. Costello beat us today."

After college Costello played in the newly formed National Football League with the Detroit Heralds and the Cincinnati Celts during the 1919-21 era. He later became a sportswriter in Detroit and Washington. D.C., thereafter retiring to Virginia.

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