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Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

By the front entrance to the North Haven Fire Station the Firefighters Memorial is showing signs of spring.  North Haven Garden Club member Brenda Howlett makes sure no matter what the season the Firefighters Memorial has beautiful flowers adorning the planters for the appropriate season. This spring the two large urns are bursting with bright yellow and light purple pansies captivating anyone who walks or drives by.  

FUN FACT- A message from Fire Chief Januszewski- "Spring is a great time of year for getting your hands dirty with yard work or cleaning projects around the house. We want everyone to be safe as they start these household projects and break out their grills for cooking." Here are a few of the Spring Cleaning Safety Tips from the North Haven Fire Departments web page.

Clean your garage, basement or other storage areas of stored newspapers or other rubbish that can fuel a fire.

Clean lint filters every time before you use your dryer. Also check the outside exhaust vent for any lint that may be obscuring or blocking the vent.

Keep outdoor debris or dead vegetation away from the house.

Properly dispose of oily or greasy rags. If these items must be stored, they should be kept in labeled, sealed, metal containers.

If you store gasoline for lawn mowers, keep it outside your home in a shed or detached garage. Keep only small quantities in tightly sealed containers. Use gasoline only as a motor fuel – never as a cleaning agent.

Use outdoor barbecue grills with caution. Place them in a safe area away from buildings, windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning units or places with high/dead vegetation.

Use barbecue grills outside only – not under overhangs or balconies, and away from combustibles.

Never use gasoline to start a fire, and don’t add charcoal lighter fluid once the fire has started.

Check your propane barbecue grill hose for leaks and cracks; never store propane indoors.

Do not mix ammonia with bleach. When cleaning with chemicals be sure to open a window or door to ventilate the room you are cleaning.

Keep all chemicals and cleaning products out of reach from children.

North Haven Garden Club is a member of The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut Inc., New England Garden Clubs Inc.,  and The National Garden Clubs Inc. 

Article and photos by Cindy Golia