Floral Designs for Wallingford Public Library Desk

Wallingford Garden Club members are providing floral designs, plants or educational exhibits for the Wallingford Public Library Desk area. Members have been taking floral design workshops provided by WGC Floral Designers for the past five years. Each week a member volunteer shares her talents for public view. Design workshops are coordinated by Martha Shea, Carmelina Villani and Karin Pyskaty.

WGC participants for August were: Kirsten Pedersen with Coneflower potted plant, Marilyn Ulizio with assorted garden annuals, Carmelina Villani with garden flowers, Karen Grava with potted jade plant and Shirley Lagerstrom with ‘back to school’ floral design in old fashioned lunch box on books.

Wallingford Garden Club is a member of The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc and National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Photos by Eleanor Tessmer. Assorted flowers, plants and designs for August.


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