Meriden Hall Of Fame Accepting 2021 Nominations

Meriden Hall Of Fame Accepting 2021 Nominations

The Meriden Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for candidates to be considered for election to the Hall of Fame in 2021. The Board of Directors will review nominations and recommend individuals from across 11 nomination categories to appear on the 2021 ballot. Criteria to be considered during the selection process include that the person;

 Has lived and/or worked in Meriden at some time;

 Is recognized as outstanding in their field;

 Is known nationally or internationally either in the popular sense or has a national or international reputation within their field;

 Is of good character and has performed in a manner as to be a credit to and/or a benefactor to the City of Meriden.

Nomination forms are available for download on the Meriden Hall of Fame web site at , can be requested by an email to or by calling Membership Chairman Joe Zajac at 203-237-7689. Anyone can nominate an individual to be considered for the ballot but only Meriden Hall of Fame members can vote when the ballot is announced in April. Completed nomination forms and any supporting material must be received no later than Jan. 31, 2021.

The Meriden Hall of Fame Association was established in 1975 to honor prominent people, living or deceased, who live or have lived in Meriden, who have distinguished themselves over time in their professional and public lives, and in so doing, have brought honor to the City of Meriden. Since 1975, 154 outstanding people have been inducted into the Meriden Hall of Fame and plaques in their

honor are displayed at the Meriden City Hall.

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