Gardens/ Plantings/ Barrels Are Blooming With Color

Gardens/ Plantings/ Barrels Are Blooming With Color

The North Haven Garden Clubs efforts around our town have rewarded all with a wonderful display of color, pleasing to the eye when driving by or visiting any of the gardens like the Memorial Library, Town Hall, Town Green, Colonial Garden and the Lois Stover Pollinator Garden at Historical Society building, the planters at the Firemans Memorial, Flagpole Garden at Parks and Rec, Pollinator Garden at Todds Pond, Kathy Brandt Memorial Garden at Ridge Road School, and the numerous barrels and pots that are all blooming with beautiful color this summer. 

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FUN FACT- did you know that the Monarchs wings flap slower than other butterflies at about 300-720 times a minute.

North Haven Garden Club is a member of The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut Inc., New England Garden Clubs Inc.,  and The National Garden Clubs Inc.