Southington Public Library Announces Local Librarian Winner of National Programming Award

The Southington Library has announced that Librarian Lynn Pawloski has been presented with the 2022 Innovation in Outreach Programming Award from the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services. This award recognizes a library’s achievement in planning and implementing an innovative or creative outreach program, which has had a measurable impact on its community.

Her project, The Literacy of Laughter: A Community Gets Schooled in the Art of Comedy, provided improv comedy workshops and performances to diverse community groups as part of the Library’s Summer Reading Program.

The project was generously funded by CT Humanities and the Calvanese Foundation Green & White Fund and the KAWFY Memorial Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation and featured events with Hartford-Based Sea Tea Improv Comedy Theater. Participants learned how practicing improv strengthens listening and communication skills; that taking risks and making mistakes sometimes leads us to better, unexpected places; and how we can process the collective trauma of contemporary life through a comedic lens.

Lynn is extremely grateful to the openness of the Southington community. Trying improv comedy is difficult and the town embraced the challenge in the spirit of fun and connection it was meant to be. The Southington Library and the improv community share similar values. They are both welcoming, safe places where differences are respected, new ideas valued, and ways to find common ground are explored. But it is through improv we are showcasing the accessibility of the library, both inside its physical building and outside via the SPL Express.

Library Director, Kristi Sadowski, is thrilled with Lynn’s ambition and creativity.

This was a great program with many positive benefits to the community. She writes that “the entire Board of Directors and myself wish Lynn a hearty congratulations and know this award was well deserved.”

The Literacy of Laughter’s goal was for participants to have fun, challenge themselves, and see the Southington Library as a vehicle of connection. Fueled by the positive response received from the project, the Library wishes to keep the momentum going with new, creative community ventures.

About the Southington Public Library

The Southington Public Library provides resources and services for lifelong learning and enrichment to serve all of our community. As the welcoming heart of the Southington community, all ages, cultures, and identities safely come together to experience, discover, explore, connect, and pursue knowledge and literacy for a higher quality of life.

About the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services

The mission of the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services is to support and encourage library staff and leadership to provide quality bookmobile and outreach services to meet diverse community needs. We strive for inclusion and equity while working together to extend relevant and responsive services to individuals and groups who face barriers to library access.


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