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New Strategic Plan for the Southington Public Library

New Strategic Plan for the Southington Public Library

The Southington Public Library and Barnes Museum Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Plan for the Southington Public Library at their August 18, 2020 meeting. This plan is the culmination of four months of work by the Board and its Executive Director and will serve as a guide for future directions by the Board and staff for the next three years.

The last Strategic Plan was designed for 2016-2019. The Board of Directors, two-thirds of whom were appointed in November 2019 or more recently, took on updating the plan as one of their first priorities. The culmination was a 34 page document that was carefully crafted utilizing input from all Board Members, Library staff throughout the aggressive timeframe and added challenge of working virtually.

A new mission, vision and values were created. The Mission of the Southington Public Library now reads: The Southington Public Library provides resources and services for lifelong learning and enrichment to serve all of our community. The Vision Statement is as follows: The Southington Public Library will be the welcoming heart of our community where all ages, cultures, and identities safely come to experience, discover, explore, connect, and pursue knowledge and literacy for a higher quality of life. The following values will be instilled: customer/patron privacy, service excellence, confidentiality/privacy, life long learning, diversity, respect, and adaptability.

Using a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis (SWOT), an Environmental Scan, and a Community Needs Assessment, as well as limited information on the COVID-19 pandemic currently impacting all areas of life and library services, critical issues were identified. The most critical issues focus on the areas of governance, facility, technology, performance culture, and programs and services. Strategies and corresponding goals were crafted in response to these issues.

The key strategies identified are:

Governance: By-laws, Board Roles, and Policies

Further clarify and further define the by-laws, roles and polices of the Board of Directors.

Facility: Interim Infrastructure Needs and New Building

The Board will support a Library expansion/replacement project that meets the needs of Southington’s citizens while addressing the most failing infrastructure elements in the interim.

Technology: Digital, Virtual, Computers

Increase efforts around providing more and better technology access for all.  Strive for equity in digital access: be a leader in the community in bridging the digital divide. Provide greater internal technology to increase efficiencies and allow current staff to provide more and better services.

Performance Culture: Education and Development

Develop a formal professional development and evaluation plan based on standards for job performance that encourages employee and administrator input in order to provide an opportunity for the staff and administrator to have constructive conversations about job performance and provide actionable feedback which promotes professional development and organizational growth.

Programs and Services

Ensure that the programs and services offered meet the community needs.

For more information, contact the Southington Public Library at southingtonpubliclibrary@southington.org or by calling 860-628-0947.

Local school, election and coronavirus news is more crucial now than ever. Help our newsroom deliver the coverage you deserve. Support Local news.

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