Lyman Orchards Golf Club & Golf Center hosts nearly 250 women players in commemoration of Women’s Golf Day

As part of Women’s Golf Day—a global movement that helps engage, empower and support women and girls through golf — Lyman Orchards Golf Club & Golf Center hosted nearly 250 women players on June 7. Since its inception in 2016, Women’s Golf Day has helped boost the total number of women golfers to represent one-quarter of today’s active players.

During this nine-hole, non-competitive scramble at Lyman Orchards—home of the world’s largest women’s golf day event in 2021—participating women and girls played on the Jones and Player Courses, two championship golf courses ranked among the best in the Northeast. The event also included two golf yoga sessions.

“Being able to celebrate women through the game of golf is a tremendous opportunity for Lyman Orchards,” states John Dipollina, PGA Director of Lyman Orchards Golf Center. “To see 248 women of all golfing abilities take part in the double shotgun Women’s Golf Day event shows that Lyman Orchards is playing a significant role in growing the game.”

“Women's Golf Day is so important for us, since it serves as a culmination of all the hard work that our team does every day to support getting more women into the game,” says Jason Beffert, Lyman Orchards Golf General Manager. “Led by Marissa Kulig-Crow, our team is committed to growing the game and making golf easier and more fun for everyone. Watching over 240 women on the course on one day—laughing, having fun and playing golf—that’s what it's all about.”

Adds Marissa Kulig-Crow, Director of Women’s Instruction, Lyman Orchards Golf Center: “When I started at Lyman ten seasons ago, growing the women's program was my goal. I never imagined that it would have grown to be the largest in the country! Women's Golf Day is one day to showcase that what we do at Lyman is unique and quite special. While every day is women's golf day at Lyman Orchards, this event proves just how big an impact Lyman has made on women's golf as a whole. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of it!”

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