A Christmas Miracle!

Sammy looked forward for two-three weeks to go and see Santa and to sit on Santa’s lap until his brother, Dean came down with COVID-19 and had to be quarantined for 10 days. Doing those 10 days was quite hard to do, keeping the boys away from each other because of Sam’s health conditions. We all had to go be tested ourselves and we were very lucky we were all negative! Well, it came to the end of 10 days and Sam missed seeing Santa.

So the family took a ride up to Beaumont Farm to enjoy the yearly display Mr. Beaumont puts out. Sam and family were the only ones there at that time and Sam and Dean had so much fun checking it all out.

Then, a car pulled up along side of the road and lo and behold SANTA and MRS. CLAUS stepped out and started walking toward Sam. When Sam saw them he went speeding with his power chair to greet  Mr. and Mrs. Claus! Santa went right up to Sam and said I saw you from the road and had to stop to say high! Well, Sam was in awe and so excited to see Santa after all! Santa and Mrs Claus walked and talked to Sam and Dean as they all viewed the wonderful display!….Just out of the clear blue Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up at the sametime Sam and his family were there and Sam got to see and talk to Santa after being so disappointed not being able to see him in the first place. None of this was planned! It just happened and at the right time and place. Sam was the happiest boy you have ever seen and this is why I called it a Christmas Miracle! (for Sam)

My SPECIAL THANKS to Santa and Mrs. Claus for making aspecial child so happy ! You are surely blessed!


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