Barbara Parent: On The Threshold Of A Promising 2021

Barbara Parent: On The Threshold Of A Promising 2021

Will Thursday be the worst Thanksgiving ever for your family?

Come on, most of us have experienced one or two Thanksgivings that were not the most desirable and have gone down in the annals for family celebrations as the worst Thanksgiving ever.

Hollywood makes movies about disastrous yet humorous family gatherings we can relate to and so they make us laugh. And in retrospect so do those that are personal.

The first I hosted as a newlywed left me horrified when my mother-in-law pulled that little bag of innards out of the turkey’s cavity along with the stuffing. Made sure everyone at the table knew about it too.

Throw in a few more decades later and the aroma of a 22-pound Butterball fills the house. The mouth-watering smells escape from the 400 degree oven and permeate the house as only a roasting turkey can.

Guests take their seats on mis-matched chairs around the dining-room table extended with three leaves to accommodate the crowd.

The “What I am thankful fors” move along quickly in anticipation of thick slices of white and dark meat. Carving knife raised, the first cut into the crisp, golden skin and the Norman Rockwell magazine cover implodes.

Worst Thanksgiving ever coming up on Thursday? It doesn’t have to be.

Covid 19, its swarth again spreading across the country like locusts in a Kansas wheat field: record-shattering resurgences across the country. Right on time, it seems, as the first of the two biggest holidays approach.

How shall we fare?

Look back at Easter 2020 when the unknown kept us on guard. Like Margo Channing’s warning, we fastened our seat belts to face the bumpy nights.

Our diligence began to slip as numbers and hospitalizations waned. Socialization increased as Covid cases decreased.

Red Alert has now spread across the country as if overnight.

Governor’s are rolling back the “phases.”

More and more states are mandating masks outside the home in public places. We know the drill, the measures we should practice to keep ourselves and families safe and why would we choose to ignore them on Thursday?

For sure, there is no place like home for the holidays. What of the man from Tennessee who makes the drive to Pennsylvania for some homemade pumpkin pie?

He’s never been alone.

“From Pennsylvania folks are travelin’ down to Dixie’s sunny shore

From Atlantic to Pacific, gee the traffic is terrific..”

The old song got it right.

Thanksgiving ranks the highest for travel, always has.

The holiday signals the gathering of loved ones, near and far, a prelude to Christmas. The joyous time of the year. We all embrace it.

Yet we’ve been forewarned that private home gatherings have been traced to the large rise in Covid 19 cases. The numbers for indoor gatherings have been reduced.

Rather than bemoaning a restricted Thanksgiving we must focus on the results of two coronavirus vaccines that show a 95 percent success rate.

We are on the threshold of a promising 2021.

After all, Thanksgiving does roll around every year.

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