Four Freedoms:

Freedom of Speech, [opinion]

Freedom of religion, [worship]

Freedom from want, [need]

Freedom from fear, [chaos]

Itinerant thoughts push sacred icons aside

As seasoned examples are recited before the audience

Were-not speeches and images displayed in abundance

While the Faithful sighed in united admiration

Two valued figures’ deeds were lain before us

One, whose words placed balm upon a nation

Raw and suffering

Another’s images meant to feed the hungry

Weekly encouragement delivered at our door-step

A nation’s leader sworn to provide solace and comfort

Another who would calm and guide us through illustration

Roosevelt and Rockwell merged together

Not by happenstance, but by necessity

Freedoms, many thought they’d ever lose them

Freedoms, many thought they’d ever had

A fifth, a gift possessed by all from time of birth

To dream, a gift to use at your discretion

Who would deny it to the owner

Finds the gentle smile of condescension

L. Jack Singer — Wallingford


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