Meriden Poet: School Vacation, late -1950’s

Meriden Poet: School Vacation, late -1950’s

The first day of summer vacation, a Friday....the ‘guys’, on their bikes, waited on the corner, across the street, we had decided on a round of fishing

Everyone had their ‘fishing gears’ - Grandpa’s nickname for fishing tackle, our day began-heading for Baldwin’s (pond) we headed for our favorite spot under a big tree, lots of shade and far from other park goers.

Our tackle was a mish-mosh of styles, from brand-new to hand-me-downs; after all it was the skill of the fisher-person and bait that caught fish; our bait of choice, night crawlers from our loved them!

Jan was the first to holler ‘fish-on’ - a nice looking, good-sized 14” rainbow trout...Tim (Pootsie-Pooh) scored a real nice bass, my brother and I caught some lively perch and trout; which started our catching frenzy; we fished through lunch, finally, so tired, casting was a chore.

Our ’creel’ held 12 trout, 4 good sized bass, along with a mess of panfish...

We helped ‘Speed-Shop’(Pete Q) filleting the fish, which we divvied up between us - we promised our parents we would supply our catch for a ‘fish-fry’. So, over the weekend our four families gathered and we all enjoyed the fruits of our labor, a tasty fresh fish dinner...

So, two months more of vacation, wonder what’s next on the menu?

— Ernie Larsen, Meriden

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