Ernie Larsen – Haiku: of sorts

Ernie Larsen – Haiku: of sorts

1. Two crows cawing, a Robin shudders

Squirrels defining their territory: dusk settles,

wind, thunder, lightning

2. Birthday: a year gained, aha - made it!

greetings arrive by snail mail, gifts bestowed,

a family gathering; nostalgic

3. Out the door; facing a wall of heat, stifling

an official heat wave, 3 days running

even the wildlife are working from home

4. The end of summer or is it?

officially not - yet widely touted

why rush the seasons, Mother Nature

is in control - enjoy

5. A stately sycamore; iconic - now compromised;

limbs falling, trunk hollowed, precarious -


Ernie Larsen, Meriden

6. students, in their Sunday best or not

a new school; physically, classrooms readied,

teachers on their game, family members

repeating a 50 year tradition; ready, set, study

Ernie Larsen


August 2019